Our company has been selling unregulated LSD derivatives and similar chemical products since 2015.
For this we work together with the world’s only producer of products, Lizard Labs . This guarantees the purest quality, which is confirmed to us by regular analyzes from different sides. We adapt to the legal situation and stop selling products as soon as they are banned. We currently only sell legal 1D-LSD.

1D-LSD is the current legal successor to our 1V-LSD, 1cP-LSD, 1B-LSD, 1P-LSD and ALD-52 blotter products. The substance is a currently unregulated lysergamide, so possession and trade are permitted without a permit. The mere possession of the older substances is not a criminal offence, but due to the trade ban they are no longer available throughout Germany. The substance is slightly modified compared to older products so that the desired properties of the substance are retained.

1D-LSD, like 1V-LSD and many older prodrugs to LSD-25, is a prodrug. According to reports, 1D-LSD is characterized by a much faster onset of action and a shorter duration of action. The substance provides more consistent and reproducible research results. For microdosing, the substance can be viewed as an identical substitute.

From a legal point of view, it should be noted that lysergamides are currently only banned up to a maximum molar mass of 500 g/mol. According to the law, the charged form of a substance must be eliminated. 1D-LSD does not exceed this limit in its charged form, but legality arises for other reasons. The substance contains a cycloalkylcarbonyl ring with additional substitutions. The NpSG also includes cycloalkylcarbonyl rings, but not those with additional substitutions. Due to the cycloalkyldimethylcarbonyl radical contained in the molecule, 1D-LSD is a legally unregulated substance.

The product 1D-LSD Blotter 150µg is only suitable for laboratory analysis. They are not suitable for human consumption or for in-vivo experiments of any kind. In the Whatsapp widget at the bottom of the screen you can find out the locations of our partners for purchasing our products in your local city.